My Personal List of Useful Privacy Resources

Jules Polonetsky
3 min readMay 16, 2021


Suggestions welcome, please comment to propose a resource or tool you use.

This is my personal site — go to for a plethora of privacy and data protection information. This site is for off topic items, drafts, or quick reference.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you share my interests.

GDPR Fines Tracker:

Privacy Policy Tools:

Search privacy policy changes over time

Analyze Privacy Policies

Search Privacy Policies

Track Updates to Apple Developer Terms

Data Protection Laws:

List/overview of global privacy laws

GDPR Decisions, Noyb wiki


GDPR resource site

CCPA text

US State Legislation Tracking

Wiki List of US Federal and State Laws, and News Stories of Harms per Solove

Browser Tools:

Great list of browser extensions, many for ad tracking, courtesy Shoshana Wodinsky

IAPP Resources

Data Sets of Privacy Related Data Bases


Data Protection Competency Framework

GDPR Standard Contractual Clauses Generator

GDPR SCCs word documents:

Privacy Engineering Resources

Data Breach

GDPR National variations and supplements



Jules Polonetsky

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